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Diane Burke Books 

Billionaires in Love Series

Forever Love

For Love or Money — which would you choose? In this ‘Billionaires in Love’ story, can hidden motives and secret identities lead to true love or will lies inevitably ruin everything?

Harrison Stone is rich, handsome and considered a ‘real catch’, just what every guy wants to be, right? Problem is, it’s what every woman wants too — the rich part. Harrison wants to meet a woman who wants him for just being him. So, he accepts a wager. But in order to win, he must give up his wealthy lifestyle, get a “regular” job and find that special woman who will love him without having a clue about his wealth. The clincher? 
It all needs to happen within the next ten weeks.

Olivia Hartman is ready for a relationship — but not just any relationship—one with a wealthy man. Believing it is as easy to love a rich man as it is a poor one, she buys the right book: How to Marry a Billionaire and sets out to do just that. So when this single mom, bent on making a better life for her child, literally bumps into Harry, a “butler” on hiatus, she enlists his help to teach her the ins and outs of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. As they work together to prepare Olivia to enter a dating field she has never known, she tries to ignore the attraction that continues to grow between them.

When Olivia has the opportunity to realize her dreams, she has to ask the hard questions. Is love a matter of money and lifestyle or does it have a totally different meaning—a meaning that has everything to do with your heart? 

These sweet, snarky standalone novels in Diane Burke’s Billionaires in Love series can be read together or separately but more fun from book one:

Forever Mine

Opposites can attract or ignite

Self-made billionaire Greg Cooper believes everyone can be bought if the price is right. Romance is best when it’s brief, fun and done. And “true love” is a myth along the lines of the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

Tender-hearted camp owner Cassie Brewster believes anyone can be helped and healed with the right doses of kindness and love. That’s how she manages Second Chance Ranch a place for at-risk juvenile delinquents.

When circumstances force Greg and Cassie to lead this summer program together, they’ll find:

Their attraction is instant.
Their conflict explosive.
Their belief systems tested to their core.

At the end of this eight-week adventure, will Greg and Cassie find their happy-ever-after or will they both be happy just to say good-riddance and good-bye?