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Books by Juliette Harper

Jinx Hamilton Series
Witch in Waiting

High in the hollers and coves of Appalachia, back in the rocks where the panthers scream, a special magic dwells.

Determined to ensure her granddaughter embraces her mountain heritage, Maureen “Mo” Andrews undertakes a private course of education.

But then an act of spontaneous kindness mends a child’s broken mirror only to reveal a larger secret.

Following her intuition, Mo approaches Kathleen Ryan and her daughter, Fiona. The women form an alliance to prepare one girl while keeping another unaware.

In the novella Witch in Waiting, Juliette Harper pens a prequel to her popular Jinx Hamilton novels.

Told from the perspective of Jinx’s best friend, Tori Andrews, Witch in Waiting sets the stage for the awakening of Jinx’s magic and the beginning of a paranormal, fantasy adventure series readers say they can’t put down.

Witch at Heart

Second Edition of Witch at Heart with Bonus Content

Magic begins in the heart.

Jinx Hamilton is ready to trade in waitressing for becoming her own boss. The shop she inherits from her eccentric aunt in Briar Hollow, North Carolina seems like the perfect fit. As Jinx handles the enchanted inventory and the unruly clientele, she discovers her aunt also willed her magical powers without an instruction manual!

As if that weren't enough, she's forced to deal with four cats, several homeless ghosts, and a potential serial killer. With a little help from her best friend and a dreamy new neighbor, Jinx must keep the business afloat and the murderer at bay. And it'll take more than clever bookkeeping and spellcasting to keep the store... and herself... from going under.

Witch at Heart is the second book in an enchanting series of humorous paranormal fantasy novels by Juliette Harper. If you like twisty mysteries and hilarious hijinks, you'll love Harper's cozy fantasy world.

Witch at Odds 

Arriving October 12, 2019

Hold my broom. 

Armed with an Internet spell and the best of intentions, Jinx Hamilton manages to raise an entire cemetery of ghosts. What else could go wrong? Hold my broom.

When Jinx sets out to study her craft solo, she doesn't realize that inexperience coupled with untapped potential might equal metaphysical chaos. Thanks to one spell gone awry, she gains a "minion," a disaffected deceased politician, and an evil sorceress set free from imprisonment in limbo.

As the resurrected spirits begin to make their presence all too obvious in Briar Hollow, Jinx and Tori must track down a missing journal that contains the spell to consign Brenna Sinclair back to the nether regions where she belongs. In the process, they discover their role in a complex history that binds them to past generations of Briar Hollow witches.

Witch at Last

Arriving October 19, 2019

What could possibly happen after raising the dead?

So, I survived raising the dead. What else could possibly happen?

Jinx would like to enjoy the rest of her summer. Is that too much to ask? In Briar Hollow the answer would be, “Yes!” As she’s poised to tell her friends she’s a witch, secrets start popping up all over the place.

Between the reappearance of old foes and the revelation of hidden realms, Jinx not only doesn’t get her peaceful summer, her whole world is about to be turned upside down—again.

The Seneca Chronicles Series
Once Upon Nevermore

A raven offers a deal to a dying man: accept exile over oblivion.

His choice leads to a collision of lives in the Land of Virgo that sets the stage for this four-book spin-off of Juliette Harper’s Jinx Hamilton novels.

When werecat Festus McGregor assembles his team to go in search of a temporal artifact, he doesn’t expect to deal with dragons, a pregnant witch, or Edgar Allan Poe. He finds all three and more in an adventure filled with Harper’s trademark humor, quirky characters, and intriguing plots.

In freeing Poe from his jungle exile, however, Festus unwittingly uncovers a long-buried conflict with the Kingdom of Nevermore, one that will define both his search for the storied Temporal Arcana and Edgar Allan Poe’s search for his lost love, Lenore.

Masterfully reimagined from the pages of history, Once Upon Nevermore begins a magical adventure into the mysteries of scriptomancy, in a land where words come to life and where the future of a forbidden love turns on the icy breath of a dragon from the clouds.

The Never Wood

An exiled man returns to the world.
A captive woman watches an ice dragon in flight.
A raven and a werecat join forces to find a magnetic key.

Enter a captivating world of sentient books, temporal artifacts, and fantasy realms in The Never Wood, the second book in Juliette Harper's The Seneca Chronicles.

Newly freed from his banishment in the Land of Virgo, Edgar Allan Poe begins the search for his lost love in earnest, a quest that will take him to the island of Tír na nÓg, the Never Wood, and beyond.

Filled with Harper's trademark humor and quirky characters, The Never Wood delves deeper into the secrets of the Kingdom of Nevermore, a land of scriptomancers where a resistance movement of captive books works to overthrow their oppressors unaware that time itself may be their greatest enemy.