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Lizabeth Scott Books

Billionaires of White Oaks Series


Creating dream homes,
That’s what I do.
As the country’s #1 home renovator,
I'm in high demand. 

And when I encounter, April,
I know something’s off,
Nobody wants that crap property,
Unless they’re looking for something more,
Something free.

And I refuse to get burned again.
It's happened one time too many.

But something about her,
The way she gives,
Devotes everything to everyone else,
Makes me second-guess myself.

After one touch, I’m sold,
Ready to build something, 
With her,
For us,


It has a way of finding me,
And if it doesn’t,
Then I go looking.

Well, that was then,
And now, I’m paying the price,
Towing the line.

But when he walks back into my life,
The truth comes out,
And the rock & roll God makes me yearn,
All over again.

But this time, there’s more at stake,
And trouble is the last thing I need.

She slipped away once,
And I won’t let it happen again.

Music, money, fame, women are at my fingertips,
But all I want is her,
All I need is us.

When I touch her, taste her, feel her,
I know one thing for certain,
This is going to be trouble worth fighting for.