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LuAnn McLane Books

Triple B Ranch Series 

Captivating the Cowboy

What happens when a confirmed bachelor falls head over spurs in love?

"Endearing, sexy, [and] romantic." Julia London

Ben McCabe and his two brothers are more interested in playing the field than working the family-owned Triple B Ranch. 
Then Ben’s father announces that he has early onset Alzheimer’s and gives his sons a deadline of one year to work harder, settle down, and marry—or they’ll lose the ranch.

Ben knows it’s time to get his butt into gear, so he hires hotshot marketing guru Haley Hogan to breathe life back into the business. 
Soon Ben’s quarreling with Haley over the ranch’s renovations, but there’s no denying that she’s smart, capable, gorgeous, and—wait—wife material?

To keep his end of the bargain, Ben asks Haley to be his fake fiancée. 
Haley agrees—only because she has a soft spot for Ben’s dad. 
But when the farce becomes all too real, Ben must cowboy up and confess his true feelings . . . or risk losing Haley forever.

Captivating the Cowboy is the first book in LuAnn McLane’s contemporary Western romance series. If you like your romance with small-town charm and larger-than-life heroes, you’ll love LuAnn McLane.

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